Thoughts: Mass Effect 2 DLC

I recently went a little crazy buying Xbox Live points and picked up pretty much every piece of Mass Effect 2 DLC available. If you haven’t played ME2 since it came out, now is definitely a good time to check some of this stuff out. The year is just getting started and pretty soon there won’t be time to catch up with this stuff (if you’re like me and try to stay up to date on new releases). Anyway, here are a few thoughts on each of the three big ME2 DLC missions.

Kasumi’s Stolen Memory

ME2: Kasumi's Stolen Memory

Kasumi's a decent ally, but her mission is underwhelming.

Sadly, the first DLC released for ME2 is easily the weakest of the bunch. Kasumi’s Stolen Memory offers up a new squad mate: Kasumi the master thief. The mission involves her loyalty mission, in which you help her try to steal some device containing the memories of her deceased friend.

The mission involves attending the party of a shady guy and attempting to gain access to his vault. Once you’re in the vault, the mission pretty much turns into non-stop combat for the rest of its duration. Overall, the entire mission is pretty short and once the combat starts it’s a quick battle to the end.

There are a few interesting moments, like checking out all the crazy stuff stored in the vault. Other than that, the mission is pretty forgettable. Kasumi is a pretty decent party member though. She’s capable of cloaking and can ambush enemies. However, I still don’t think Kasumi’s Stolen Memory is really worth the money/points to download it.


ME2: Overlord

Never trust AI.

The Overlord mission pack involves a mission to shut down an insane AI. I won’t say much more about the story behind it, because this is one of those missions with twists and reveals. The mission also involves the use of the Hammerhead vehicle that you may have already tried out in the free Firewalker DLC.

As before, the Hammerhead controls really well and is a lot of fun to drive around. It’s definitely a huge improvement over the Mako vehicle from the first game. Speaking of the first game, the Overlord mission is very similar to the old Bring Down the Sky DLC mission in structure. You have to use your vehicle to go to various spots and fight some stuff before heading for a central complex for a boss encounter. Bring Down the Sky was a fun mission and, in the same vein, Overlord is, too.

The biggest benefit of the Overlord mission is the story and moral choice ideas at play near the end of it, as well as some cool visual effects. This one is definitely worth checking out and considering it costs the same amount as Kasumi’s Stolen Memory, picking between them is a no-brainer.

Lair of the Shadow Broker

ME2: Lair of the Shadow Broker

LotSB has some great environments.

Lair of the Shadow Broker is the most recent DLC mission released and it involves helping your former teammate, Liara, in her effort to bring down the infamous Shadow Broker. This mission is very combat-heavy but I never felt like it was dragging on.

The first half of the mission takes place on the familiar planet of Illium. You’ll visit Liara’s apartment and a few office buildings in the area. There’s also a chase sequence where you control one of those hover cars that you see everywhere. The controls for the car are kind of weird at first, and when I first played it I was about to denounce them, but after a try or two I got the hang of it and actually enjoyed the sequence.

The second half of the mission takes place on the Shadow Broker’s ship. This segment alone makes the price of admission very worth it. I’m going to refrain from saying too much about it so as to not ruin it, but the ship is a very cool environment and you’ll have a lot of crazy things to look at while you’re there. The payoff when you complete the mission is well worth it as well, but, again, that goes into spoiler territory.

If you’re looking for more Mass Effect 2 but only want to pick up one of these mission packs, Lair of the Shadow Broker is the obvious choice. You’ll get the most relevant storyline out of it, as well as some truly unique locations to visit. I’d rank Overlord as a runner up that’s worth checking out, but Kasumi’s Stolen Memory could probably be skipped if you’re not planning on splurging.


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