Thoughts: LBP2 Community Levels

While I could sit here and rave about how amazing LittleBigPlanet 2 is, I thought I’d do something different this time and share some of my favorite community-made levels. While this list is in no particular order and is by no means definitive, here are five that I found to be worth checking out. I’ve linked each level title to its LBP2 website profile. If you have the game, you can add it to your queue right there from the website (if you feel so inclined).

Blast Radius (by johnee)

Blast RadiusBlast Radius is basically a take on the dual-joystick shooter genre populated by games like Super Stardust HD and Geometry Wars. How someone created this using the LBP2 tools is far beyond me and extremely impressive. The game is pretty much the poster child of what LBP2 is capable of doing. It includes custom audio, a main menu, and custom controls and plays surprisingly well. The ship you control is fast and responsive and the difficulty curve progresses very naturally. Out of all the games on this list, I’ve probably sunk the most time into Blast Radius.

Laser Arena (by Assasinator8026)

Laser ArenaLaser Arena takes the gameplay of Blast Radius and turns it into a multiplayer free-for-all. It’s not super-deep and could probably be expanded upon in the future, but it’s definitely simple fun for some multiplayer. It’d be nice to see powerups and maybe environmental hazards added in the future.

Omicron – Neon City (by urbandevill)

Omicron - The Neon CityOmicron is probably the most impressive “proof of concept” among the LBP2 community levels. It’s an attempt to create a classic, top-down JRPG. So far it only includes an introduction sequence and cutscenes, but there is some serious potential. The dialog in the game looks like it was written by someone who doesn’t speak English and needs a lot of work, but the visuals and environments are really cool. It’ll be interesting to see if the creator can actually get a working JRPG-style battle system added.

LITTLEBig Basketball (by Halocomander1)

LITTLEBig BasketballThis one pretty much takes the basketball concept put forth in LBP2’s main story mode and shortens the length of the court to allow for dunking. When playing against several other people, it can create some pretty chaotic fun as everyone is grabbing for the ball and trying to throw the other players away. Dunking is as satisfying as you’d expect it to be, as well.

Duck Blaster (by lbp2chat)

Duck Blaster

Duck Blaster is essentially your classic shooting game from carnivals. Yet for some reason, I found shooting as many ducks as possible to be really addicting. Obviously this is one that benefits largely from having multiple players to shoot with, and you’d be surprised at how fun shooting down scrolling ducks for the high score can be.

That’s it for the list. There are several more out there, but I obviously can’t list them all. There are lots of cutscene-only films and levels showing off what people have done with the music creation interface that are all rather impressive. LBP2 has shaped up to be better than the first game in every way and I can’t wait to find out what people create next.


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