Thoughts: Dead Space Extraction HD

Dead Space: ExtractionIf you own a copy of Dead Space 2 for the PS3, you may have noticed that a copy of the Wii game, Dead Space: Extraction, came on the disc for free. This is one of the better bonus features I’ve seen in a game recently and the amount of extra content Extraction adds is substantial. It can also be obtained off the PSN for fifteen bucks which, after playing a bit of it, seems well worth it.

Extraction initially flew under my radar as I don’t often pay much attention to my Wii, even when a franchise I like (like Dead Space) shows up on it. I’m glad I have now gotten a chance to experience it, though, because it’s a lot of fun. For the PS3 version, Extraction has been upgraded to HD and looks outstanding. It’s hard to avoid giving it the “looks good for a Wii game” qualifier but, again, with the HD upgrade I suppose it’s not really a Wii game anymore. If anything, the visuals in Extraction have given me hope for the upcoming port of No More Heroes.

Extraction is a prequel to the first Dead Space and tells the story of the Aegis VII colony’s downfall and the subsequent infection of the USG Ishimura. It’s an interesting story populated by interesting characters and it’s easily good enough to keep your interest throughout the game’s lengthy ten-or-so chapters.

Dead Space: Extraction

I never get tired of the Ishimura.

The game itself is a rail shooter akin to other Wii releases such as Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. You’ll move along a preset path in an environment and experience the story as you shoot the limbs off of monsters in true Dead Space fashion. The atmosphere hits all the correct notes and it very much feels like an authentic Dead Space game.

I must complain briefly about the camera though. The game naturally uses the camera as your character’s viewpoint and considering the frantic, paranoid nature of characters in Dead Space, he’s constantly looking around cautiously. At times, the frantically jerking view can be almost headache inducing and it’s at its worst when monsters are approaching and your character is too busy jerking his head around for you to efficiently start shooting anything. It didn’t hold me back too much, but it still could have been handled better.

Dead Space: Extraction

It's kind of like Dead Space: The Ride.

The controls and motion sensing (naturally, Extraction is playable with the PS Move) feel good and responsive. Shooting the limbs off of necromorphs to defend yourself is as easy as you might expect. The game is also playable with a regular Dualshock controller and it works surprisingly well. Even with the Dualshock on hard mode, I was still easily able to get the highest score (five stars) on any given chapter.

Considering that Extraction retailed for fifty bucks on the Wii when it first came out, the fifteen dollar PSN price is a steal. There are plenty of trophies to earn (including a platinum) as well as lots of weapons to upgrade and use on repeat playthroughs. There’s simply a lot of great content here (including great local coop) and if you don’t already have the free version that came with DS2, I highly recommend grabbing Extraction off of the PSN store. If you do have DS2…why haven’t you tried this yet?!


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