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Best Game of 2015: Tales from the Borderlands

I haven’t updated this blog in forever, I know, but all this talk about Games of the Year got me thinking. Looking back at 2015, only two games really stuck with me. Of those two, only one overshadowed everything else … Continue reading

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Borderlands 2 Teaser Trailer

The teaser doesn’t show much but it’s obviously implying that we’ll be seeing more crazy guns and it’s likely that we’ll be able to dual-wield said guns. It’ll be interesting to seem more; I’m most interested in whether or not … Continue reading

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Thoughts: Duke Nukem Forever Demo

I feel like everything I’m about to say about this game could be prefaced with “you probably already expected this, but…” I’ve played through this demo three times now and each time I just notice more and more wrong with … Continue reading

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